Summer Flip Flopping

It’s an unfortunate truth that it is not possible to be two places at once. May has been a time of transition. In the span of a little more than a week, I went from Findlay, to Michigan, to Tennessee, to Michigan, to Findlay, to Michigan, then back to Findlay.

How I feel like my current schedule probably looks

I’ve also discovered Findlay and Detroit are not nearly as close as my preconceived notions. Perhaps I think they are close because my dad has commuted daily between the two for nearly a decade now or maybe it’s because it isn’t a big deal when you make the drive once every six weeks. It’s kinda exhausting to switch states approximately every three days.

Still, it has been a time well spent. The road trip to Tennessee was filled with family fun. It’s been

Typical family portrait

months since the four of us have been able to spend more than two hours together. We got several days of family time. We were also able to spend Mother’s Day together which was certainly a blessing. While in Tennessee, we moved my brother, Josh, out of his college dorm and send him off to his cross-cultural experience in Israel. He is having a ball! (Well, I shouldn’t speak for him. He is having fun as far as I can tell via text anyway). He is touring the holy sites in Jerusalem for two weeks and then he will spend two weeks on an archeological dig (potentially where

This kid is in Israel for a month!

the ruins of Ai are from the book of Joshua is…I don’t know exactly what it is, but theology major Josh was excited). Please pray for safe travels and a wonderful time of learning for Josh and his classmates.

During this month, I was able to meet some of the mission’s council at their luncheon, apply for a new passport, and send out support letters. I’ve been spending time with friends, catching up on reading, playing music, baking, babysitting, and avoiding packing and cleaning. It’s been a nice balance of work and relaxation.

“My life is yours/My hope is You only/My heart you hold/Cause you made this sinner holy/Your glory is so beautiful/I fall onto my knees in awe/And the heartbeat of my life is to worship in your light” ~All Sons & Daughters

I’ve been playing the song “Your Glory/Nothing But the Blood” by All Sons & Daughters over and over again on the guitar. It’s partly because it has all chords that are easy for me to play, but I also love the lyrics of the song. In this weird time of transition, this is my prayer. Whether I’m in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, or on I-75, I want God’s glory to be the heartbeat of my life.


  • Time spent with family and friends
  • Ability to have a flexible schedule
  • I have been able to find many people to talk with as I prepare for the internship. I am so thankful for the time individuals are taking out of their schedules to help me as I navigate this new job.

Prayer Requests

  • My brother Josh’s is on a cross-cultural trip in Israel. Please pray for safe travels and wonderful learning experiences for him and his team.
  • Wisdom in time management
  • Motivation to clean and pack
  • Increased trust in God to work out all the details

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