All Coming Together

In just a few days, I will be leaving for Haiti! It’s crazy how close it is. Everything is coming together.

Since the last blog post, I was able to visit five more churches (New Creation Church of God, Mendon First Church of God, Pathway Community Church, Arthur Center Church of God, and Eagle Church of God). It was wonderful to be able to meet people from many different churches and spend time fellowshipping with them.

Packing has been a process. Lists have been made and edited multiple times. Bags have been packed, then weighed, then repacked differently to meet weight restrictions. At this point, I’m happy to report I am basically packed. With creative juggling between my backpack, duffel, and being able to fit a surprising amount of stuff inside my guitar, I was able to fit everything (and comply with airline regulations :P).fundraising-9-7-16

Also, I’m officially fully funded! More than enough support has come in. It’s such a blessing to be able to leave knowing I won’t have to worry about fundraising while I’m in Haiti. I’m so amazed by how God has provided for this trip and the generosity of people. Through this whole process, I have seen His love and provision. It’s been an incredible experience. It’s been amazing to have so many friends, family, and strangers come alongside me in this process. Everyone’s prayers and encouragement have been a huge blessing. I feel so loved.

As my mom and I were driving back from church Wednesday, one of my favorite songs– “Hope (Banjo Song)” by Pompton Lakes—came on. The lyrics of the second verse stood out to me:

And when I woke today
I reflect on what you made
The green grass, the tall trees
It made me feel at peace

It reminded me of Matthew 6:30—if God takes care of the grass, flowers, and trees so beautifully, I can rest in the promise He will care for me as well. It is such a source of peace to know God will be with me wherever I go.

I’m excited to see how this adventure unfolds.

4 days!


  • Safety for me and the Hoslers when traveling
  • Adjustment to life in Haiti
  • Cultivating new friendships with people in Haiti
  • Preparations for start of school year to go smoothly
  • My parents


  • Fully funded!
  • Packing is done
  • Ability to see people before I go
  • Technology to stay in touch with people

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