A Few of My Favorite Things

Today marks the beginning of my third week in Haiti. There have been so many new things in the past three weeks—new country, new culture, new languages, new challenges, new job, and new friends. As I adjust to all this new, here are my top ten favorite things here so far.

  1. The Bread Truck

There is a bread truck that comes up from a bakery in Saint Marc. They stop with cheap, fresh baked rolls around three times a week. Fresh baked bread delivered to your door—what’s not to love?

  1. Evenings

Most nights, I am able to join one of the missionaries on the compound for dinner then spend time visiting. It’s usually super chill, which I love. We will share food, entertainment, and conversations together. It’s wonderful to be part of the missionary community here.

  1. Conversations about Life

Similarly to number 9, I enjoy being able to have conversations about life with Bim, Charity, Laura, and Amy. Whether we are talking about cross cultural ministry, hairstyles, or the crazy antics of animals on the compound, it’s always fun. Each of these ladies have shared words of wisdom to ponder after the conversation is finished.


  1. Aqueduct and Mellon House

Not far from where I am staying, in an area called Deschapel, there is an aquduct off a trail through the woods. It leads up to the Mellon House. This where William “Larry” Mellon and Gwen Grant Mellon, who started Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, lived. It was so tranquil. The quietness of the trees and arching stone structure cultivate this peaceful feeling. The house is very open with large sliding windows to look at the nature outside. It was a wonderful place to visit.

  1. Landscape

This country is so beautiful. I’m constantly in awe of the grandeur. I love the way the sun rays topple over the many mountains and then paint the bright blue sea. At night, a clear sky reveals a multitude of stars. It’s breathtaking.


  1. Praying with People

I’ve had a couple of opportunities to pray with people here. Being able to spend time talking with God with my students, the lady who runs the boutique, the director of a local school, or the other Project-Help staff has been a wonderful blessing.

  1. Visiting Different Schools

A little over a week ago, I was able to go alongside of a missionary here and one of the nationals who was distributing sponsorship money to schools. I got to see several of the local elementary and high schools in the area. I saw most of them on a Saturday, so the schools weren’t open, but it was interesting to see the similarities and differences as compared to schools in the U.S.


  1. Playing with Children on the Compound

I’ve gotten to spend some time with some of the Haitian kids that come on the compound. I’ve enjoyed being able to play with them. The games are usually simple—jumping on and off objects, hand-clapping games, Jojo’s toy cars—but the kids bring an element of joy to each one. It is fun to laugh with them.

  1. Watching Students Learn

It’s so cool to see children learn new things. It’s my favorite part about teaching. The Hosler children are very curious and eager to learn. They get so excited when they discover something new. It’s contagious. I’m enjoying teaching and learning alongside them.


  1. Seeing God’s Character

I’ve been able to see the character of God so many places here. I’ve seen His peace, His beauty, His love, His compassion, and His provision in people in places. It’s been pretty incredible to see in action.

As I sit here on this rainy day surrounded by schoolbooks and friends, I know I’m exactly where God wants me to be. And that will always be my favorite place to reside.


  • New friendships
  • School is going splendidly
  • Transition to new surroundings is going well


  • Safety and provision for those who will be affected by Hurricane Matthew.
  • Healing for my mosquito bites. I have a lot of them (I think there are about 46 total now…I got bored and counted them the other day.) They are mostly on my legs, but prayers against infection would be much appreciated as they have been having a tendency to get swollen.

2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for updating us on FB. I’m glad you are ok. God is good.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    I’m praying that the protective hand of God will shelter you and the dear people of Hati from the devastating storm. I’m praying that God will meet your needs and the needs of each missionary serving there.
    You are a blessing! God has great things in store for you!
    Please let me know what I can do to help.
    Love and prayers!
    Lou Wilson


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