M’ap Sonje Ayiti

Sonje (sahn-jay) Verb. Haitian Creole.
1. To remember
2. To miss


I’ve found myself using the Creole word “sonje” a lot in these last few weeks. The word means to remember or miss something. As I start saying, “See you later!” to the friends I have made, we both inevitably say, “I will miss you.” I’ve also been reflecting on my time Haiti.

I’ve learned so much. Initially, I thought this trip was only about obedience to God’s call. Yet, in that obedience, I’ve been able to see more of the character of God. Nine months later, I’m still astounded by the beauty of the mountains, valley, and sea. It’s breathtaking. I also find the deep faith of the people here amazing. Phrases like, “If God wants,” “God knows everything, God sees everything,” and “God bless you” were peppered throughout daily conversations. I’ve had the opportunity to learn worship songs and memorize bible verses in a different language. I needed to reflect slowly on each word. This allowed me to see these truths in ways I hadn’t thought about them before. I have learned to trust God more. I have seen Him provide in the big and little things. He has allowed me to see many glimpses of His love, provision, and faithfulness in my life.

I also had a front row seat to see how God has been working in the lives of Charity, Daniel, and JoJo. Not only have they grown in academics, they have grown in Christ. It is so cool to see them building relationships with Haitian children on the compound, giving out water to the farmers in the community, and participating in bible studies with the missionaries.

On one of the last days of school, I asked each student write the three most important things they learned this year. Charity wrote about her improvements in speaking Creole, learning new concepts in math, and reading different missionary stories in school. Daniel said the most important things he learned are you can never have too much fun, a joke can never get too funny, and about fractions. Fractions were his favorite part because he loves math. JoJo learned about the letters of the alphabet, how to count, and helped in creating our class timeline of the history of Project Help for the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

God is working through each of them. Our last day of school was a field day. We celebrated our accomplishments this school year then spent some time playing games with the Ayers’ teams. It was a joy filled day.

IMG_3002 (1)

As I am transitioning back to the United States this summer, I know God’s faithfulness will continue. Next year, I will be teaching third and fourth grade students in Ohio. Though the assignment might be different, I’m confident God will continue to work in amazing ways. I’m so excited to see how He will use this new opportunity.

Thank you for supporting my work in Haiti this year. I especially appreciate the prayer support. It was such a comfort knowing how many people were faithfully praying for me.

I will miss the beauty of this country. This winter, I’m sure I’ll miss the warm weather. I will miss the friends that I’ve made. I will most certainly miss the Hosler children.

I will always remember Haiti // M’ap sonje Ayiti toujou.


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