One More Month

As I am writing this, it’s a little over a month before I head out! Final preparations are starting to come together. I have a suitcase now, so that’s good. As I was talking to a friend from church the other day, I said a quick, “See you later!” as I left, only to stop myself a moment later to do the math on if I’d actually see her before I left. “Well, I’ll see you later…or in a year. One of the two.” These kinds of conversations are becoming more common as the trip gets closer.

At of the end of July, I have about 41% of my support in. I’ve visited two different churches so far (Aukerman Church of God and Zion Church of God) and will also be visiting four churches between now and when I leave. It’s been fun seeing the different church buildings. I have not gotten lost yet! Though, GPS has come in handy a couple times. I’m not used to all these windy, country roads I’ve been driving on, but it’s probably good prep for Haiti. I doubt they have the flat, grid pattern I’m accustomed to in Detroit.  😛

It’s also been awesome getting to meet many different people. Everyone has been very sweet and encouraging. It’s neat to be able to get know a wide variety of people in the church. I am also so grateful to be welcomed so many places. I emailed a bunch of churches about a month ago anticipating a small response rate, but many churches responded. My schedule is full. God is good.  🙂

The other day, I was filling out forms for the kids’ school next year. I am very grateful for the curriculum that the Hosler’s and I selected for us to use. One of the things I love about it is how much of it is literature based. As I typed the titles of the books we will be able to share together, I got more and more excited. There were so many good books. The stories that I know I can’t wait to rediscover. The stories that I’m unfamiliar with I look forward to uncovering. Reading books with children everyday sounds like an absolute dream.

My dad summed it up well the other day: “You’re spending all this time talking about what you will be doing in Haiti, aren’t you ready to be able to go out and start?” Definitely. There are still more practical things that need done and I’m not sure this is the type of thing you are ever truly “ready” for. But, I think I am almost as ready as I’ll ever be. I can’t wait to start this adventure.


  • Wisdom in fundraising; continued trust for Him to provide
  • Hosler family at language school
  • Guidance in final preparations for trip


  • God providing funding for the trip
  • The Well was awesome! God moved in the lives of each of the students. It was great to see the transformation
  • The welcoming church families that I’ve had the pleasure to meet



Prayer support is always appreciated. Check out the page above titled “Prayer Requests” for current praises and requests (updated anytime there’s a new blog post). If you would like to offer financial support in addition to prayer support, there are multiple methods to do this. The first is online. You can click here to make a preferenced donation to me through the CGGC Cross Cultural Ministry website. The second method is check by mail. Click here to access the donor form. Fill it out and return it to Churches of God, General Conference, Cross-Cultural Ministries, P.O. Box 926, Findlay, OH 45839. Please make your gift to CGGC Cross-Cultural Ministries preferenced for my support. The CGGC will provide receipts for your tax-deductible gifts, as long as checks are made out to the CGGC.


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